Just as Jesus shared his stories and teachings in the context of a small community of people, we share our lives and engage the radical claims of the Gospel. We meet in homes, in coffee shops, and occasionally with other communities of faith. 

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Rivendell Fellowship

Who we are

In J.R.R. Tolkien's writings there is a unique place where people on a difficult and challenging journey find rest, protection, friendship, and preparation to continue their task. The name of that place: Rivendell.

Our desire at Rivendell Fellowship is to articulate a refreshing theology of hope founded simply on the belief that God, through Christ, has not forsaken us. He is faithful to remind us of his presence, in a variety of ways, as we participate in stories of hope and redemption within meaningful relationships. Our desire is to draw closer to one another, to God and with our daily lives to love the world for which Christ died.